To create financial conditions for support and development of clients’ activities and improvement of the financial well being of the population.

  • Availability. To be accessible to its customers, offering a network of branches, optimal conditions for products.
  • Fair play. Salym Finance ensures that the prices for the offered products and services are competitive and do not have excessive cost, and the rates on the funds attracted did not exceed the allowable limits.
  • Integrity. Salym Finance provides full disclosure about the cost of their products and services, while giving customers sufficient time for consideration and decision.
  • Respect. The company treats all its clients equally, regardless of their gender, skin color, race, faith, etc., while taking an individual approach to each client.
  • Professionalism. Guided by the mission and values of the Company, as well as the policy of building long-term relationships with its customers, Salym Finance employees serve every customer at a high level and are in constant contact with its costumers.

Social Responsibility
Social ResponsibilitySalymFinance positions itself as a socially responsible microfinance organization that contributes to the development of society, the economy of the country and the protection of its environment. For this purpose, Salym Finance sets itself the following social goals:

creation of jobs and increase of employment of the population through financing of entrepreneurs of small, medium and agro-business;
provision of financial services to rural residents, women and part of the population with limited access to banking services;
— financing of housing construction, as well as various energy-saving projects;
— responsible lending by means of correct assessment of the client’s solvency, timely monitoring of their activities and response to critical situations, as well as limiting the financing of clients whose activities, directly or indirectly, are harmful to the environment and / or society as a whole;
— creating an image of a reliable employer through fair and honest attitude to their employees and creating favorable conditions for their work and professional development.