Shareholders of the company are businesspeople and financial specialists who united in order to create and develop a financial institution on the microfinance market. The shareholders of the company are well-known in Kyrgyzstan entrepreneurs:

— AruukeKonushbaeva has participated in the creation and development of multisector Corporation Baitur, an example of successful domestic business;
— BakytbekKydyrmaev is one of initiators of transit international trade China-Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan-Russia on Dordoi market, deputy chairman of trade union committee of Dordoi market.
— Mirlan Kulov is a finance professional, he has 20 years of experience in finance lending sphere.

Full name of shareholder Activity, origin of capital, financial position
1 Aruuke Konushbaeva Spa services, trade, construction, production of construction materials and furniture. Capital originated from activities of Corporation Baitur. See full information about the history of Corporation Baitur on Financial position depends on activities of Corporation Baitur, now it is stable.
 2 Roza Bedelbaeva Individual entrepreneur – business on trading markets and in agriculture sector
 3 Bakytbek Kydyrmaevк Wholesale trade on Dordoi market since 1993. Capital originated from business on Dordoj market since 1993. Financial position depends on the business and the company.
 4 Roza Djumalieva Trade, agriculture. Capital originated from business on Dordoi market since 2000. Financial position depends on the business and the company.