Microfinance Company “Salym Finance”(further Company) is the specialized credit organization where the microfinance is the main activity. The Company is the one of active and dynamic developing microfinance organization (further MFO) of Kyrgyzstan, showing annual stable growth of financial results.

Creation of a company and founders

Microcredit Company«Credit Systems» was founded in September 2007 and has started operate as credit organization from 8th November 2007. Initial capital was 120 thousand US Dollars (5 million som), first loans were aimed at business development of traders from Dordoi and Ortosai markets and household development in Asyl Bash and Jany-Jer villages.

Mission and Value
Our mission is provision of financial services for population for its life benefit and development.
As we see, success is the joy of clients who improve, develop their business and living conditions with our support.
We seek to build relations with clients and creation of conditions on such way when access is available for loan getting and repayment without difficulties.

A social orientation

The Company, by carrying out of its activity, carries out the social problems of a society. It reflects in following situations:

— The client’s database consists from individuals having limited incomes and aspiring to improve business and living conditions;
— The clients from rural areas or places around the city;
— Female clients 52%;
— Interest rates are same with other leading MFIs interest rates.
— The Company doesn’t lend loan for strong alcoholic drink production; arms traffic and gambling business.

Participation in other organizations

Since the first year of the Company’sactivity became a member of the Association of the Microfinance Organizations of Kyrgyzstan and CreditInformation Bureau «Ishenim».

The Board of Directors

The Chairman of the Board of Directors — Kydyrmaev Bakytbek, businessman, representative of major wholesalers Dordoi market complex, a member of the Trade Union Committee of merchants from the complex.

Member of the Board of Directors — Djamankulov Nuritdin Smanovich, independent expert.

Member of the Board of Directors — Konokbaev Samat Surabaldievich, independent expert.

Member of the Board of Directors — Konushbaeva Aruuke Tynchtykbekovna, Commercial Bank employee.

Member of the Board of Directors — Bukuev Kadyrbek Dzhumabekovich, independent expert.

Management board of the company

The Chairman of the board — Mirlan Kulov, 21 years experience in a banking sector.

Board member — operational manager – Ibraev Isabek, 7 years of experience in microcredit sector.

Board member — HR Manager — Ismailova Gulzat, 18 years experience in a microfinance sector.


From the beginning Company had name “Credit Systems”, since March 2011 the company has changed its name by new “Salym Finance”. The «salym» means to make the contribution to the good business. The given national symbol means Company’s desire for investment resources into the society’s prosperity.